Mandag 1 Juli
01.07.2024 kl. - 04.07.2024 kl., Ansgar sommerhotell
SKOLEFRI International 1 - 4.juli 2024 (English/Ukranian/Norwegian)
In SkoleFri International are the children in the age over 7 years and they stay with their own familiy in rooms. The official languages in this camp is english and ukrainian with translation into Norwegian when needed.

SKOLEFRI International Camp (Engelsk/ukrainsk/norsk) - for families with children above 7 years and older.

The Camp lasts four days, where families live together in an apartment, in a room alone or with other families. The location is at Ansgar Sommerhotell, in Hånes, Kristiansand - and the hotel has a beautiful view, a beach and a big dining area. The Hamresanden beach is only a short walk away, where we will stay one of the days to swim, play and eat. We eat together during the camp, and will have activities for everyone like swimming, barbeque, volleyball, football, fishing and more.

This camp will be an international camp where the official languages are English and Ukrainian with translation into Norwegian when needed. Everyone is welcome here, so if you speak English better than Norwegian, this is a good opportunity to build friendship with others. 

You vill get to know families from different places who you may connect with and become friends with. Leaders from local  «Nærmiljøsenter» will be there so you can know them and be connected to local activities after the camp.

The children choose one main activity like dance, singing, football-school, creative art etc. during the camp, while the adults have their own gathering. One day we will walk to the big beach «Hamresanden» where we eat, swim and play together. Children and adults will join common activities, swimming, football and campfire in addition to the group-activities.

We will not organize activities for children under school-age in this camp.

If you want to contribute with your skills or take care of practical tasks, just let us know.
Contact our camp coordinator at: or phone 48 47 08 08.

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